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Quick Read Bio:  Monique Abrams is a Certified Life Coach with an emphasis on Spirituality, Personal Development, Wellness, Weight Loss and Natural Healing Support with Herbs & Supplements. Monique is an eternal student of all branches of philosophy with a preference of study towards ethics, epistemology, logic and metaphysics. She lives in Texas with her 2 daughters where they spend most their days goofing around and eating healthy with regularly scheduled chocolate breaks.

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Extended Bio: “I am one of the many people who reached the age of a young adult who felt they weren’t taught what is really needed in life as well as what to focus on to achieve success in relationships, personal achievements and spiritual development.

I experienced a variety of issues including low self-esteem, constant fear of disapproval and victim mentality. As a highly sensitive person, this lack of support bled into my social life and I found myself unable to cope with common criticisms and conflicts with my peers. I later found myself in multiple abusive relationships at an early age for I was always seeking inner fulfillment from others.

As years went by, I could feel my inner light dramatically dimming. I felt my inner voice become softer and softer until it was barely a whisper. I was so disconnected with my true self, but I always felt a yearning for more in life. Eventually, I found myself in a coasting lifestyle. I was going through the motions of life, working to live, with no passion for what I was doing.

Over the course of the past 4 years, my spiritual development reached a quick level of maturation.  I experienced conflict after conflict – diversity and pain one right after the other. This might have broken some people, but the universe in its infinite wisdom knew what I needed to get over this hump. I needed to acknowledge my personal power and I needed the love I have for my children. My desire to stay strong for my 2 daughters held me up.

I spent countless hours in a variety of healing practices – internally & externally.  The stress of being a sensitive person coping with years of stressors eventually took a toll on my body.  I developed multiple health issues, but healed them all naturally with food, herbs and supplements.  I saved my gallbladder from removal after 3 doctors told me there was no way to save it.  I healed IBS, 7 hormonal imbalances and Diatasis Recti naturally without any medical intervention.

Over the last 2 years, I have really come into my own mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My journey still continues, but I am proud of how far I have come.

I truly believe EVERY PERSON IS BORN WITH A UNIQUE SET OF PERSONAL GIFTS and qualities which assists them in achieving their life’s passion and purpose. I hope that some of the knowledge I have acquired over the course of 15 years can help others to find their inner voice, but mostly I hope to inspire a practical purpose for their personal passion. Every person is meant to add to the world. We only need to discover what it is and figure out how to do it!”

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BIO – The Poetic Version:  THE PATH OF A WANDERER –  Some days my lost cords force me to pause. The illusion of glue manifests to the soles of my feet spreading upwards into my memories. I see a vision of my youthful self, unchained and free of walls, free of the imprints left by the seekers of another’s pain. I see myself dancing, sensing the air trickle my skin as I am connected to the earth.  I hear myself singing from the deepest depths on my emotional being to any person at any time only needing to ask. My heart remembers. My soul remembers.

Time changes this freedom to express and replaced my loves with fears of criticism, sideways glances and those ruled by their own fears. I freeze. Not knowing why. I hide.This is a path many have walked and some never recover. Forgetful of their cords, they replace with temporary fixes from the material world.

To the seeing eyes, I am a wanderer. I am lost with no purpose. But the truth is all paths lead to the same destination. To you I am the missing. The gone girl. What you do not know, is I am busy in my mind. I am evolving behind the scenes.

My mask is first to go, but I thank my masked self for years of its protection of realities I was not yet ready to face. Then I peel back each layer, thick or thin, until I find every fear. All pieces of the shadow covering my higher self. The secret is to pluck the root of its beginning. Do not yank this root. Force never has its desired outcomes. Manipulation ruins what is pure.  Instead, carry on a conversation. Foster understanding of its existence and she will willingly step into the black hole never to be seen again.

When you no longer feel its presence, a golden light of gratitude fills every breath of your being and you feel thankful for the pain that took all you have and the nameless to cleanse. This pain is now my strength. I’ve learned to convert its negative energy into a tool for my soul’s evolution.

Behind the light, I see the ashes of my former self. In sadness I ask, where are my cords? I imagined they would be as bright as before ready to fuel my passions. From the ashes, a tiny light flickers. As I brush away the ashes and soot, I see my little cords beaten, bruised and battered. A fraction of their former vibrancy. But they aren’t sad. Oh no! They are grateful. For they know, they will never be lost again.

My journey begins anew. My creations are my babies that I nurture. I feed. I grow. I express. My love is unconditional. Allowing myself to learn from those who have already accomplished this mastery is where I begin. I seek this wisdom and it fuels my motivation. I may accept it. I may apply it. I may reject it. I will keep seeking this wisdom until the end of time for these masters lead us upward and propel us forward to finding new gateways to open.

Behind the doors are fresh ideas! New steps. New thoughts. New lyrics. New songs. It’s endless!   The source of creation is wide open and I thank the masters before me for creating the staircase for each step along the way was a beautifully painful journey to discover the mastery within.

This is the path of personal transformation back to your true self.. You may call it the enlightened. The illuminated. The inventors. The originators. The creators. The inspired. The pioneers.The leaders. It’s a path we all take and the gift received is you in the truest form.